Oct 25, 2006

Someone tell the old guy that is not acceptable

You go to a fancy restaurant bringing in a brief case filled with a mixture of
lettuce, ground beef, jello.

You go to the bathroom and
wait til an old guy has to use the stall.

As he goes in -
stand up in the stall next to him
and dump your brief case over his head.

Walk out holding your nose,
turn to a waitress and say
"Jesus lady someone did something nasty in there..i think the old guy has diarrhea"

Wait til he gets out- for everyones reaction- including his

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At 8:26 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

This one is my favorite Dale. I think you're brilliant. I know that there are probably thousands of people who have these types of insane visions when they're bored and day dreaming....but they've just never written them out. I commend you Teemo...I mean Dale. Oops! Anyway, keep 'em coming. I think you could make it big if these visions ever came to life...say...on SNL or something:)


At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Troy Merchante said...



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