Nov 3, 2006

Good morning

You live next door to an elderly couple. Every morning at 8am the husband usually dressed in a suit and tie goes to work. You decide you are gona play a joke on him so you get there early and hook up his hose to one of those pressure squirters. Wearing your old Yoda mask from halloween as soon as he closes the door of his house, douse him in water but make sure you get his face really hard and all of his clothes. Then just take off. A month later do it again. Then just in case he gets suspicious, do it 2 months after that. Then maybe even wait 6 months and do it again. This guy will never understand why someone dressed up as Yoda is bombarding him in the morning with hard cold water in his face.

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At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA! Does Yoda kinda pop up out of the bushes? I can totally picture that! I like that the old man gets doused and never finds out why the yoda guy keeps doing to this him. Forget the fact that it would freak me out if i walked outside and a man with a yoda mask was staring at me- but then to have yoda spray the guy! LOVE IT!!


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