Mar 30, 2007

Piano Mummy

You find a nice local piano teacher who is giving lessons- Tell her your son would love lessons - but caution her to please be understanding of his appearance and how he was badly burned in a fire. Tell her you will be there recording this precious moment. Wrap one of your shorter friends up like a mummy. Also make sure you put on a disguise. Then go out and buy as much octopuss as you can and load up his backpack with it. Tell your friend after a few attempts at the piano- to open up the backpack and just start launching the octopuss all over the house. While he is doing this scream out, "No Jimmy! No! Throwing octopuss is not nice." When he is out of octopuss have him take the piano bench and launch it through the window. The have him dive through the window and run out. As he does this scream out, "Oh no! Not again." Calmy say to her, "He does this to every piano teacher -im terribly sorry." Then walk out. Her explanation to the police and friends will be mind boggling.

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At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


nice touch with the octopuss dale


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