Aug 17, 2007


Find a nice elderly couple and show up at their house with a whole crew of people holding a fake large Publishers Clearing House check, bring with you a camera man, a nice lady holding balloons and have a friend dress up as a Native American indian holding balloons as well.

When you knock on the door- the couple will be so excited - they will hopefully just view the indian as part of the craziness and excitement. When you enter the house, interview them like a reporter would - have your indian friend casually pour gasoline on their couch. Towards the end of the interview - look at the camera and congraulate them- but call them the wrong name. Say the wrong name again- until they correct you. At this moment have the indian drop a match on the couch and start to chant for no apparent reason.

Turn towards your crew and announce to everyone

"Oopsie guys I think we want the house next door"
Make that oopsie daisy face to the elderly couple and walk out.

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At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Ken "The Gambler" Hawkins said...


DALE if someone tried to pull that shit at my place- they better be ready to meet the reaper



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