Jun 15, 2007

Kenny Loves Mashed Potatoes

Go into a diner with 8 of your friends- but make sure all of you are wearing matching baseball jerseys. When you sit down tell the waitress even though you have never been into this diner or seen here- that you want your usual post-softball game victory meal. When she looks at you all confused- tell her in a shocked and sarcastic voice- "8 orders of mashed potatoes and gravy!"

When she brings your order out- have everyone pile their mashed potatoes one of your friends plates. When the waitress comes back to see how things are going- tell her "Kenny loves mashed potatoes!" She will most likely give you a confused look- this is when you have your friend with all the mashed potatoes scoop them up with hand and throw it at the closest window.

Then look at her and say "Kenny's wife has herpes." Get up and walk out.


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