Apr 18, 2007

Push It Real Good

Go to the movies with 3 of your friends. Have one of your friends bring a small CD player- Buy 5 large buckets of popcorn. Sit behind a nice couple. Wait til the movie is about half way over and dump all of your popcorn on the floor quietly. Run to the bathroom with one of your friends and fill 2 of the buckets up with water. Walk back casually. Then place the 3 empty buckets on your heads but punch in 2 holes so you can see. Then slam the 2 full buckets of water on the heads of the couple in front of you. Have 2 of your friends stand next to you with their arms folded - have your other friend cue up the song "Push It" by Salt and Peppa. Synchronize a few pelvic thrusts to the beat - and walk out single file. This guy and his girlfriend will not know how to explain to this to anyone.

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